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Trust Gaming - GXT 162 Optical Gaming Mouse

Ratón para juegos de alta precisión con 9 botones programables e iluminación LED ajustable

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Descripción del producto

- Sensor óptico de alta precisión de 4000 DPI
- 9 botones programables
- Software avanzado para programar botones y macros
- Iluminación LED ajustable
- Cable trenzado de 1,7 m
- Modo DFM: Pulse y mantenga pulsado el botón DFM para acceder a una segunda función programable en cada botón del ratón  Imágen del producto

Personalize every button
Whatever your gaming preferences are, with the high precision, great accuracy and high-speed tracking of the Trust GXT 162 optical gaming mouse you are one step ahead of your opponent. On top of that you are in complete control of all the actions thanks to the programmable buttons and macros. With the included advanced software you are able to assign actions to the 9 buttons of the GXT 162 optical gaming mouse. Besides this, it is possible to assign macro’s to buttons for certain commands within the game. Use Macro’s to combine multiple actions like crouch and shoot at the same time. You are able to program macro’s up to 60 actions to cover all the functionalities that are necessary within the game. You can even create customizable profiles with multiple settings based on different users and/or games. Ideal when you want to switch between a MOBA game and a FPS game, without having to change your settings.

High precision sensor and high-speed tracking
The high precision 4000 DPI optical sensor offers you great precision and enables a tracking speed of 60ips which results to outstanding accuracy and speed. So you will never be too late to react to a move of an opponent. Easily select the ideal DPI setting (250-4000 DPI). Whether you are gaming or simply browsing through your files, there is always a right setting.

Change your gaming setup
Create neon-effect LED illumination or adjust the colour of the LED illumination to match your other gaming accessories. Besides that, changing the color is ideal for gamers who use different gaming profiles. Add a color to each profile and you will always know which profile is active. To prevent twisting your cable, the GXT 162 has a braided cable.

Double function mode: extra functionality per button
Create two different actions for one button, using the DFM button. Every mouse button can have a different function assigned when pressed simultaneously with the DFM button, it works just like the Ctrl-button at a keyboard. Program functions to any button of the GXT 162 with the advanced software and program a second function for the same button whilst holding the DFM button. A perfect solution to double the amount of buttons of your mouse!

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